Saturday, March 11, 2017

Gigi :D

You'll recall that yesterday I posted this picture as a clue to a project I was working on.  I did manage to use all the bits and pieces in the project, although, not all of the ric rac was needed :D

I posted the finished bag earlier today, and now I have a couple of close-up pictures to show off the details.  It's really just a simple drawstring bag - nothing fancy about that - but I'm very happy with the little bits and pieces I incorporated to match the bag to the contents :D  In the second picture I hope you can see, from the angle, that the ric rac tail is 3D and hangs loose from his butt - as a real tail would ;)  I'm all about the accuracy!  *wry grin*  :)  The 3rd picture shows the blue monkey scrap that I used up by sticking it on the back ... and the last picture is the bag with all 9 bibs tucked in :)

And now hubby and I are headed out for dinner - enjoy your evening (stay warm, if you're in a snow squall area!) - I'm planning on stuffing myself on souvlaki!  :)

The "big" reveal :D

Yesterday I posted a bit of a teaser - a couple of pictures of a notiony collection that was to become a "thing" instead of just "a weird collage".  I did get it done last night, and this afternoon I braved the cold (current temp with windchill = -20C :D) to grab some pictures in my back yard :)

A long time ago - more than a year, I'm sure, a sewy friend gave me some fabric left over from a project she did.  There were several (approx.) 1/2m pieces along with some scraps.  I used up pretty much every inch of the fabrics, and ended up with a lovely set to donate to the counselling center :)

And here we have ... The Jungle Collection ... featuring Gigi the Giraffe ;)

9 bibs in varying sizes, plus a drawstring bag to hold them all :)

A closer picture of the drawstring bag, and the monkey and giraffe bibs :D

The polka dot bibs :)

The giraffe bibs, providing the theme for the drawstring bag ;)

Here's a view from the back - I was staring right into the sun so I couldn't really tell what I was featuring in the camera, lol.  I didn't get the entire set in the first photo ...

So here's the last couple of items - the blue square on the back of the drawstring bag is one of the last scraps from the pieces I was given :D

The free pattern for my giraffe applique is here :)  I want to get a close-up picture of the front of the drawstring bag - I didn't really capture it while I was outside, and the pictures I took a minute ago in the kitchen were rather ... crap.  Hubby and I are going to the Fabricland "grand opening" - his idea! (haha as if) - so I'll do that when I get back - I'm sure it'll still be sunny ... hopefully it won't be squally! ;)

Friday, March 10, 2017

A before picture ...

(or two, lol) ... here's a wee collection of *stuffs* that I picked out for a project I want do do.  It's just a simple thing, to go with some other simple things I worked on during this last week while I was down with a cold.  When the meds would kick in I'd come down to the dungeon and get some stitching in, with my trusty box of Kleenex roll of toilet paper @ my side :)

Hmmmm this is an interesting assortment of things that appear to have a couple of things in common!

Apparently we're supposed to smile!  So I am :) 
I shall be back tomorrow with pictures of the finishes, if I don't perish in a snow squall!  The current weather report for my town is:

Snow Squall Watch

Issued at 19:01 Friday 10 March 2017
Snow squalls are expected to develop. Under the snow squall bands, visibilities will be significantly reduced due to the heavy snow, and snow will quickly accumulate.

Snow squalls may develop to the southeast of Georgian Bay tonight. 
Current temp is -11C feeling like -19C with the windchill - that's a mite nippy!  However, it's still winter, despite the fact that all of our snow was gone - spring won't be here for another week or two - we shall Keep Calm and Carry a Big Snow Shovel :)  Hubby and I are going out for supper tomorrow night with friends - the weather better co-operate or I'll have to have words with Mother Nature :D


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